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I guess i should start by stating the obvious, my names Lisa, people tend to call me Lise though?! Anyway's. I'm in my mid thirties but feel 17, and I'm a tad crazy! I'm a newbie at this so bare with me. I am a chef but gave that up cos I had some kiddies, far more worth while in my view.Now I'm a stay at home Mom and love it, although escaping for mad weekends keeps me sane( anyone who knows me , knows that can't be done) So.... my kids. Jade is eleven and very mature for her age, loves Buffy and Angel. Loves hanging with her girls and going to conventions.You'll hear more about those later on. Luke is six and is Autistic, so he keeps me on my toes!He is adorable and mischievous, and I wouldn't change him for the world!My husband ... my world, keeps me grounded, or tries to!Well that's me n my family, crazy all of us and we love it! Our moto .... Crazy is as Crazy does!
love alcohol, love chilling out, love cooking, love my kids, love red bull!love conventions, socialising with friends